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About Us

We are a group of experienced skippers which would like to share our knowledge with people who would like to learn more about different skipper courses. Our group is connecting people who share passion for the sea, yachts, sailboats and would like to share this passion to other.

Our goal is to remove the distance and unknown of the knowledge of controlling the yacht and sailboats. To help you when you have problem about skipper issues and try to explain different areas connected with skipper areas. In the future we would like to build a community that will connect different experienced skippers and skipper that do not have any experience at all.

Many hobby sailors buy they own boat and do not have any experience. They thought that controlling the boat is almost the same as driving the car. However in fact is that this is completely. Of course boat has wheel to change direction. But big difference is that boat does not have speed and when something goes wrong you cannot just stop the boat without any knowledge.

Not to mention facing the extreme circumstances. It is not that difficult to control the sailboat in normal circumstances. But when you go to the open sea there is higher possibility that something unexpected can occur. From stronger wind to a storm that can make a higher waves. These are the conditions that different courses prepare you for and if you are stuck in a position with that without and knowledge nor experience you could react wrong – with panic. Do not allow that to happen to you, be smart and took a skipper course.

For any questions or recommendations feel free to Contact us.