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Become A Skipper

What is a skipper and how to become one

If you have always dreamed of living life on the seas, or just want to start sailing you should consider becoming a skipper and living your dream job. You will need to know the ins and outs of how to sail a yacht and how to get to your destination correctly and safely.
Anyone interested is required to pass a Certification Test and be at least 18 years of age. It’s highly recommended that you know how to correctly navigate a boat or yacht so you can pass your exam with flying colors. Once you’ve completed your test, you’ll receive a license that shows you understand how to navigate a boat into a harbor correctly, understand wind patterns, topography, and currents, and what your responsibilities as a skipper will be.

Most Exams for this job last roughly 12 hours and usually test your abilities with:

  •  Knowing how long the fuel of your boat will last by determining the range of your destination
  • Knowing and understanding the gas policy
  • Knowing how to use flares, life jackets in case of an emergency, and life rafts
  • Knowing the engine check procedures
  • Determining the weather information and how it could possibly affect your travel plans

During this process you will have your course instructor not only checking your knowledge of how to safely and correctly sail a boat, but you will also be quizzed throughout your exam on any other general information that every sailor should know well.


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Become a Skipper

Like using any other piece of machinery, you will need to know information on how to properly handle your boat such as:

  • Speed awareness
  • Proper positioning
  • Overall boat and environmental awareness
  • Mooring pickup
  • Directing your boat down a wake
  • Starboard side to
  • Berthing
  • Knowing how to properly tie and secure all your knots

Navigation is an extremely important part of sailing any boat or yacht. Without this knowledge you could possibly lead you and your entire crew into a very dangerous and costly situation.

The things you need to know about navigation are how to:

  • Pilot your boat at night safely
  • Knowing chart 5011, and understanding how to chart properly
  • Tide and current calculations
  • Blind navigation

Becoming a skipper can be a rewarding and exciting experience for any individual. It’s important before applying for your license to understand all procedures and information that come along with safely sailing a boat so that your experience can be fulfilling and full of adventure.