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RYA Day Skipper Practical

Some people may have a dream of becoming a skipper and owning their own yacht. Prior to owning a yacht, it is critical that you know how to operate and control the yacht especially while sailing in rough waters or during a possible storm. Becoming a day skipper for some can be a real dream come true.

The RYA day skipper practical course can serve as a wonderful and necessary training tool for those who have the ambition and desire to own as well as sail their very own yacht.

To become a day skipper, you may consider taking the rya day skipper practical training course. The training course is required and takes place over a period of only 9 days. The RYA day skipper practical course gives essential guidance on how to take charge of a yacht for short trips as well as teaching techniques in boat handling, navigation and planning.

The entire RYA course is referred to as practical because it takes only 9 days to complete. Each student spends 4 days in class and the remaining 5 days at sea in a yacht.

Some of the special courses included in training are RYA offshore safety training, damage control, VHF Radio operation as well as First Aid technique and procedures.

A great deal of focus is spent on crew safety routines, fire prevention, storm sails and how to handle and possibly resolve distress alerts and danger signals. Knowing how to handle a danger signal at sea can end up saving a life.

In addition, distance cruises are highly recommended to all skippers. The 7 day cruise focuses on responsibility and confidence building. Remember becoming a day skipper as well as owning and operating a yacht takes a great deal of patience and tremendous responsibility.