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Info about Day Skipper Certificate

The RYA day skipper is a foundation course in navigation and seamanship. It mainly has 2 elements: practical and theory. It is very suitable for people with limited experience in sailing. It is mainly an admission course which is very effective in imparting both theory and practical knowledge about sailing. RYA specifies that the Day Skipper must have at least logged 100 miles sailing a yacht. If people are confident of their sailing skills they need to take up a competent crew course at first. Five days training session besides Yacht master or Day skipper student’s exam is sure to give a thirst for more sailing.

When the Day skipper practical and theory skills are gained one can consider themselves as a competent yachtsman. RYA Day Skipper certificate permits the candidate to the ICC (international Certificate of Competence). The leading websites will give information about day skipper certificate and all the details pertaining to it. The VHF Radio license and the day skipper certificate are the crucial documents required to sail in the best sailing grounds across the globe.

More than the day skipper certificates it is the skill that one would gain through the day skipper training. The Day Skipper (theory) course includes, chart symbols, chart work, compass, pilot age, knowledge about Latitude and longitude, tidal theory, meteorology, safety etc.

The theory part has a five day standalone course or a combined practical course with 9 day course. This course gives a chance to pursue both Day Skipper practical and Day Skipper theory certificate with just 5 days off work. This is an important aspect for people with busy lifestyle.

To pursue Day skipper course information about the Day Skipper certificate is very essential. The RYA Day Skipper certification offers a strong basis for all the required aspects of sailing. Besides, the Day Skipper Certification allows one to steer the boats anywhere and qualifies one to work as a crew. To complete the Day Skipper course and gain the certificate, basic sailing knowledge isn’t required. Nonetheless knowing the feeling of a sailboat in motion and a few fundamental skills and terminology would surely make one’s certification procedure a lot more successful.

The next thing one should do is to take the theory class. The RYA provides a forty hour theory class for the course. It also gives information about the Day skipper certificate. The classes are an enhancement to the practical and isn’t a need. Nevertheless the theory class will give an all-round preparation for the most advanced form of certification and also giving one the Day Skipper certificate for theory.

RYA Day Skipper is a 5 day certification course which involves both theory and practical knowledge. On completion of the theory training on sailing, it is followed by practical part to apply the knowledge gained. One will have to sail about hundred miles, pilot the boat in and out of the harbor and also take night watches. The successful completion of both the theory and practical course, would offer you the RYA day skipper certification.

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  1. Aya@Flotilla

    Before attending the course you should be able to navigate and are well advised to attend the RYA Day Skipper shore based course to brush up on your skills (see Navigation and seamanship theory on the left).