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Windsurfing Instructor Courses

Windsurfing is also known as boardsailing, it is a water sport that involves a board and sail device and it unites the elements of surfing and sailing. Windsurfing was first developed in the US in the 1960’s by Hoyle Schweitzer, a surfer and a sailor Jim Drake and in 1970 it became very popular. Basically a sailboard is similar to a surfboard to which the sail is attached with a universal joint, which allows the movement of the sail. The windsurfer straps up the wind and wave to slither by standing on the rudderless board and powering the sail along the water surface.

The sport quickly reached throughout the US to North America, Australia and Europe. There are modifications in the modern sailboards; they vary from 2-4m (8-12ft) and it weighs 7-18kg. Some sailboards have achieved a speed of about 40 knots. There are different types of modern windsurfing which include freestyle, wave sailing, racing with competitions held all over the world. Windsurfing instructor courses offer a six-week course which leads qualify a person as a RYA windsurfing instructor. The windsurfing instructor courses are set off to allow maximum time to develop personal abilities on the water.

The Windsurfing instructor courses are suitable for intermediates and the beginners. The Windsurfing instructor courses help in finding a job and the windsurfing instructor course certificate allows one to work as an instructor. In the first two weeks of the Windsurfing instructor courses it provides thorough foundation session including first aid and personal performance coaching. Next 2 weeks it provides the skill building session which is very essential. Under the guidance of experienced coaches one would be windsurfing everyday. These professionals help improve the performance on the water.

Lastly one would be entering the 2 weeks of focusing on the coaching skills; instructor training required for motivating the beginners. Here one would have enough time to practice and learn the skill necessary before taking up the examination. Windsurfing without doubts is one of the most exciting water sports and to help teach others get going on the board is all the more exciting and it gives enormous satisfaction. Many young pursuers know the value of certified training courses which offers acknowledged windsurfing instructor courses that helps find jobs in the water sports industry. Students must have the following training prior to the course:

The importance of these courses is to analyze, implement and observe. This means testing with new coaching techniques and styles. The successful candidates will be offered everything they require to teach canoeing/kayaking at the next level. When the pursuer takes up the sailing sessions on how to windsurf they wish to become a competent instructor. The training courses are offered from the sailing schools to make sure that the instructor is experienced and well qualified and this gives certificates to the instructors who have completed the course. Windsurfing instructor courses teach the basics of the sport in order that the instructors can handle the situation which might occur while teaching.