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RYA Level 2 Powerboat Course

RYA Level 2 Powerboat Course and License

RYA level 2 powerboat licensure and powerboat course are excellent avenues to take for advanced boat skipper training. An RYA powerboat degree and license will set the student apart as a well trained and certified skipper for hire. The RYA powerboat course is taught by instructors who personally demonstrate the techniques needed to operate various types of boats and large vessels. Lever 2 powerboat course is an advanced RYA course for those who want to become a professional skippers.

What is the RYA powerboat organization?

The RYA or Royal Yachting Association is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The licensing board offers different kinds of skipper licenses that depend on the type of vessel navigated and where the ship will be sailing.

Can an interested applicant receive a skipper license in the USA?

The Offshore Sailing organization is one of the two United States sailing universities and they offer the RYA level 2 powerboat sailing courses and certificates.

What is the process that a student experiences while receiving a sailing course?

The individual process of each new student may depend on the prior experience that the prospective sailor may have. The type of boat or ship that the student wants to sail will, also, determine the courses taken and the kind of license received. By completing RYA level 2 powerboat course you will upgrade your license and become even more qualified skipper with a better career perspective.

The conditions of the licenses will limit the employment positions and the experience and training will be looked over when the new licensee interviews for a skipper position. For example, a skipper of a yacht on coastal cruises may have a certain type of license. Another kind of license may be limited to certain kinds of boats and trips. The particular waters that the ship sails through needs to be matched with a particular license qualification.


The Royal Yachting Association or RYA is a organization for many kinds of boating that include yacht racing to sail cruising. Sports boats and powerboats are all included under the RYA umbrella. Skipper professionals may sail shore excursions or cruise tours. Other employment may include transocean trips as well as skippering popular cruise destinations such as Alaska and Hawaii cruises, Caribbean and European tours, and trips to Scandinavia and Russia.

The cruiselines usually have additional city tours and day activities off of the boat that the ship captain needs to be aware of. Often the itinerary of the passengers is overseen by the ship’s skipper and being aware of such hospitality options would be a positive experience to bring to any captain’s employment.