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Skipper License Australia

Skipper, ship master, and captain are equivalent terms

Skipper is the person who is in charge of a boat or vessel and controls it, guiding it smoothly, taking it to its destination in water bodies. Skipper is a professional as he is a licensed person entrusted with the responsibility of safety of the vessel and all people on board. The designation of skipper entails passing theory and undergoing training from authorized institutions such as Royal yachting Association in UK. RYA has centers in many parts of the world and for people living in Australia; there are some variations in rules and regulations if they want to obtain a skipper licence. In fact, the procedure to obtain skipper license in Australia is much closer to that in UK than in US.

Different states in Australia have different rules for a person to become skipper

Boating license or skipper license in Australia depends upon which state you are in as different states have different rules and requirements from candidates applying for such a license. Every state has a system in place to ensure the safety of vessels as well as people travelling on it and the person who aspires to become a skipper has to undergo training and pass qualifying exams to get a skipper license in Australia. The difference between RYA certifications in UK and skipper’s license in Australia can be seen in the way different state governments outline the requirements.

Power of vessel decides a skipper

The size of the vessel holds significance in Australia as there is different threshold size above which it becomes essential for the owner to appoint a person as a skipper. If we talk about Queensland in Australia, a boat owner needs to have a license to operate it on water bodies if it runs on a motor having a power of more than 4.5 KW. Vessels run by motors of lesser capacity do not require a skipper to operate in Queensland.

A skipper has many responsibilities in Australia

Called a ship’s master in Australia, a skipper is required to fulfill many responsibilities. He is the person who has to plan, control, and coordinate the requirements of operation and maintenance of the ship or the vessel. He is also required to control and guide the operations for loading and unloading of cargo and persons during transport. Skipper has to ensure smooth navigation of the ship in all weather conditions.