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As the name implies, Virtual Skipper is a game based on yachting, and when it arrived, no one was quite sure what was it all about and what it entailed to the player. But then, average player did not know the extent to which people crazy about spending time on seas were about controlling boats and yachts. Very soon, the game became very popular and since then, many more versions have appeared on the scene. Currently, Virtual Skipper 5 is doing rounds. It is an amazing game that can be played across all platforms such as PC, Mac, Play station, Wii, Xbox, and so on.

There are some of the basic requirements in your system to download and install this game. The operating system in your computer can be windows 2000 or even higher versions like XP or Vista. The central processing unit of the system should be at least Pentinum IV of 1.6 Giga herz. The RAM memory should be at least 256 MB or more, like 512 MB memory in Vista. You should have 3D graphic card which has the capacity of at least 16 MB, that should be directx 9.0c which is 100% compatible.

Also system should have at least free space of 1.5 GB in the hard disk to occupy the virtual skipper downloaded to the system. this game is availble is multiple languages as it is very famous across the globe and have several fans in this regard. Some of the languages which it is derived under are English, and as usual French/ german, and also Spanish and Italian.

Virtual Skipper is not a game for everyone and this has to be said at the outset. This is a game designed keeping in mind sailing aficionados who are seen at sailing events and races on weekends and includes people who are looking for excuses to be on the seas all the time. Today, in the wake of Virtual Skipper 5’s amazing graphics and sounds, one might feel that Virtual Skipper was not all that great but the fact is that when it first appeared on the scene, there was a rage for the game among all sailing crazy fans.

This is a simulator game and all the attention of the developer is on the boats. It is a very interesting game but one must have knowledge about sailing to be able to play this game. In fact, ask one of those who are crazy about sailing, and you will get an answer that the game is the best in the world. With every successive version, the game is becoming better and anyone who has played Virtual Skipper when it was launched years ago would vouch for Virtual Skipper 5 be4ing the best in nautical simulations. Taking part in sailing competitions in world class boats and yachts is an experience that sailing lovers relish. So high is the level of realism in both single as well as multiplayer games that it becomes hard to ask a player to stop until he has finished the race.

At the moment, this is availble across 14 courses in ocean waters. They are the most dignified and multinational competition holders like Auklans, Rio and even Valencia. The most highlighted part in the latest version of this game is that, Class ACC boat which is the helm of regattas. However, along with this there are other boats and their features are also highlighted in the game. Hence, there can be set of 4 players who can play this boat competition. Each one of these act differently with their distinct features and seem to be ultra- realistic as well.